Our Services

To date, we’ve held four free clinic days and have served over 100 patients at no cost. We’ve performed wellness screenings, reordered important medications for folks who lost their access to primary care after the fire, our case managers and social workers have linked dozens of patients with primary care and social services, we’ve cleaned wounds, listened to hearts, checked blood sugar and blood pressure and transported those who needed more care to the hospital.

But our most important accomplishment is that we’ve been present with our community during a time of struggle and change, since this disaster began. We’ve held hands, wiped tears as we listened to stories and have shared our own. Many of us grew up here and have lived and worked in this community and we believe health care is a basic human right, and that our community cannot rebuild without it.

At our free clinic days and home visits, we offer the following services:


Physical & Wellness Checks


Access to Medication & Case Management


Blood Pressure Screenings



No controlled substance RX


Blood Sugar Checks

Cardiac Monitoring/EKG