Katie Rosauer
Secretary & Director of Public Relations

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology

Hello, my name is Katie Rosauer and I am the Secretary & Director of Public Relations for Medspire Health. My passion for medicine and patient care transpired at a very young age; I have always been so fascinated with the medical field and found myself at an early age of 16 volunteering at Enloe Medical Center as a Junior Volunteer of which introduced me to an endless amount of learning and eye-opening experiences.

As my medical experiences continued, I worked at Enloe Medical Center for three years and ventured onto patient care at Feather River Hospital as a Medical Scribe in the Emergency Room. My time at FRH and Emergency Room was by far my most favorite position I have held in a workplace; I was able to learn more in the 7 months that I was there than I had learned in any other experience. Though my time was cut short at FRH, I found myself at the doors of East Ave Church to do just what I knew how to do: care for my community.

The morning of the Camp Fire, I truly underestimated the black cloud of smoke in the sky as I was driving to class on Thursday morning. As I was receiving these horrific and terrifying messages regarding the hospital and the communities that I cared so dearly for; was being evacuated and I explained to my professor that I would have to leave to help care for anyone and everyone who needed help. This class was Literature of the Child; during class we wrote about how we would explain to a child the devastation and the many losses that the community experienced due to the fire. As I sat there writing, I was pondering how I would explain to a child but also was thinking: how do I even explain this to myself?

The explaining to myself did not come in a verbal form but yet it came when I stepped foot into East Ave Church and pop-up shelter on Saturday November 10th. I knew my time was not over to help the communities of Butte County. It may be in a different form compared to how I cared for my community members at Feather River Hospital, but it was now a more hands-on care. As I walked into East Ave Church, I was led to the back of the church where a gymnasium sat with over 200 evacuees lined up sleeping on cots and air mattresses. Our evacuees were accompanied by their dogs, cats, and the few belongings they were able to take with them as they were literally running for their lives. The majority of evacuees grabbed their living essentials but did not take their medications, medical supplies, or medical equipment. This is where my role began; I was a “nurse”, a scribe, a counselor, an open ear, a launder, a receptionist, an emergency disaster coordinator, a medical supply liaison, and most fulfilling, an individual who had the opportunity to cross-check our shelter census with the missing persons list and identify 12 missing evacuees from the Paradise, Magalia, and Concow areas that resided at our shelter and clinic. Truthfully, my days began and ended at East Ave Church for the following 3 weeks and I would not change a thing. The individuals I worked with harped on me multiple times that I needed to go home and take care of myself as well, but how can I take care of myself in any other way besides caring for these people who just lost everything, and I mean everything.

With many working hands and hearts, we assessed every evacuee for medical care which included blood pressure readings, lung sounds, blood glucose, and countless other medical and therapeutic needs. Most importantly ensuring that we were able to get each evacuee’s medication prescriptions in process at the local pharmacies. A serious shout out to the local pharmacies for spending countless hours in ensuring that our evacuees were provided with the medications they needed following the Camp Fire.

 For six weeks following the Camp Fire, we as a medical clinic pop-up and evacuee shelter pop-up, worked closely with Direct Relief who supplied us with the most generous amount of medications, medical supplies, and medical equipment. We created a patient information database, a secure volunteer sign-up platform of which certified each medical volunteer and ensured each volunteer was licensed to volunteer in the realm of their practice.

As the days went on and more homes were declared as destroyed, our evacuees still needed medical, therapeutic, and every-day needs. These needs just didn’t magically resolve 6 weeks following the devastation of the Camp Fire. We knew we could not let the closing of our shelter and clinic be the end of helping the people around us who truly became family. So, after many of these conversations, a group of individuals from the Shelter and Clinic, we observed the many unaddressed and ongoing needs of our people and this is when we knew we had to do something more and something more long-term. A measure that is able to assess and care for the evacuees displaced throughout Butte, Glenn, and beyond counties is what we needed. We have established just that- a mobile medical clinic that will ensure our evacuees receive the care they need following the Camp Fire.

Medspire Health was established by 8 individuals who cared for the people of East Ave Church Shelter and Clinic. I knew this was my calling, as simple as it is, it was my calling. We hope to alleviate some of the influx of non-emergent patients from the local emergency rooms and provide one-on-one care for the evacuees of the Camp Fire 2018 with Medspire Health. We provide education, medical care, social work, case management, and a reliable source of alliance with our community and achieve these goals by focusing and inspiring growth following the most devastating and disastrous wildfire in California’s history. We plan to instill hope in rebuilding the devastated parts of Butte County and stand side-by-side to get our people home again.

If I have learned anything through my experience at Feather River Hospital and the Camp Fire; is PEOPLE and what people can do is most important.”

Months later, I am proud to be a founder of Medspire Health, to be working with incredible fellow volunteers, and to provide free medical care to our community despite social status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, living situation, age, insurance status, or any other defining factor that may make our community members feel inferior. Words cannot express my excitement and goals for the future of Medspire Health.